Rob Wesson
Axiom CEO & founder

The vision for Axiom has been developing for more than a decade. The premise of Axiom is based on being a trusted starting point from which our clients can adeptly expand their global operations. Our purpose is to cut through the complexity of modern banking and foreign exchange by providing an entry point for fast growing businesses into new markets. Our strong client-first culture ensures our people are focused on addressing each client’s treasury needs, not just placing every client into the same category.

This ensures our people respond with innovative and creative solutions that smartly leverage the ever changing technology landscape. This approach is aimed at enhancing both the experience and value provided to all our relationships every day whilst ensuring efficiency and quality in all we do.

The passion and the belief for building Axiom and its culture has been founded from personal experiences gained by our founder over the last decade.
This experience ranges from working overseas for large international banks to some of the UK’s best-known FX and Treasury providers. This first-hand knowledge, both in the back and front office, has allowed Axiom to address some of the shortfalls of the more traditional providers. These range from restrictions on borders and trading history, the delays during the on-boarding process and the difficulties in obtaining local business accounts that can be opened and run remotely with no in-market presence required. We have a particular focus on solving client issues not provider issues first.

Our client centric culture is key to how we operate. This is why it’s not just about the solution but the relationships we create. This ensures our clients start and end with a relationship manager that creates an environment of knowledge sharing so we can evolve our solutions alongside your business.

At Axiom we are a partner not a provider.