Global FX trading

Send more than 140 currencies to 180 countries and trade using the online platform, email or on the phone

Market information

Receive tailored and proactive market analysis from your dedicated account manager to keep you updated on relevant global events

Effective risk management products

Utilise fixed or fully flexible hedging or forward products to suit your cash flow management and mitigate forex risks

Competitve and bank-beating pricing

Access a competitive rate underpinned by thousands of transactions worth £ billions

Mass payment upload

Harness our partners' API to perform thousands of multi-currency bulk upload payments at the touch of a button


Download statements to analyse your transaction history for all your accounts

"Without Axiom, Ampaire wouldn’t be where it is today. They took the time to understand our requirements, especially when operating in multiple currencies and working with government. They helped set up the right accounts for us and I would highly recommend them to other international start-ups."

Susan X. Ying,
SVP, Global Operations