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Supporting the British Dyslexia Association


The Axiom team had the pleasure of attending the British Dyslexia Association’s award evening last week to celebrate and recognise the exceptional achievements in the dyslexia community. The night brought together experts, advocates and changemakers in the field and as this year’s sponsors, we had the pleasure of presenting the Innovation Award.

The event was a great opportunity for us to highlight our commitment and support for making a positive impact on those with dyslexia. To continue our support, we are offering 10% off of services that the British Dyslexia Association provide to ensure more workplaces are dyslexia friendly. Information on these services and access to the discount can be found here.

We look forward to continuing our work with them over the next year and making a change within the field of dyslexia.

Supporting Axiom Clients and Partners

The British Dyslexia Association are offering a 10% discount on selected services for clients and partners of Axiom.  To take advantage of this offer please compete the sign up form below.

Diagnostic Assessments 

A diagnostic assessment is the only way to really understand if someone has dyslexia and where their particular strengths and challenges lie.

BDA assessments are carried out by professional assessors who are highly qualified and experienced within the adult and employment context.  It’s recommended that employers offer a diagnostic assessment for any staff member who may have dyslexia.

Workplace Needs Assessments
This assessment is designed to identify reasonable adjustments that can be implemented to support a dyslexic employee in the workplace.

The assessor will look at the specific job role, and any specific difficulties the employee has as a result of their dyslexia.  The assessor will also consider the working environment and the specific requirements of the organisation before making recommendations for reasonable adjustments.


BDA have various e-learning modules available, including ‘Fundamentals of Dyslexia’, ‘Practical solutions for hidden difficulties’ and many more…
Staff Training
As well as running open courses, the BDA can deliver bespoke training to your workplace, either virtually or in-person.
Next Steps…

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